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About Me 

My passion lies in creating a nourishing space to provide guidance towards health and balance. I believe the body has an innate capacity to heal and when we create time and space for ourselves to feel settled and safe in our body we can witness our bodies be guided by its own wisdom.


I started my bodywork journey at a retreat centre in New Zealand in 2016 where I learnt many different styles of massage from Swedish, Balinese and deeper tissue work. My love grew for exploring the mysteries of the human body and how to work with each client intuitively became an integral part of my work. 


In 2019 I started training in Craniosacral therapy and felt a deep affinity with this work. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch hands-on therapy, which allows the body’s innate healing capacity to regain its natural balance. It can aid in calming the nervous system and helps relieve restrictions in the body promoting more space and energy flow. Throughout the treatment I help assist a calm and settled space to allow and encourage self-healing. As the body starts to respond often people feel a deep sense of relaxation that allows the nervous system to regain balance and harmony offering the capacity for deep healing from many different ailments.

For the past year I have been deepening my studies and body listening skills in the world of Fascia (connective tissue of the body). There are many links in the roots of Fascia and Craniosacral therapy so this work has a similar feel and approach in that the physical, emotional and mental health are all intrinsically linked. Everything we experience from as far back as our embryological beginnings is held in our fascia, every injury, stress, overwhelm is imprinted in our physiology. This creates holding patterns and restrictions within our fascia, which can compromise function, cause further stress, anxiety and pain. With the techniques I have learnt and my many years of holding nurturing space, I am able to help the body to release these restrictions and to feel more space and ease. 


My work is designed to empower my clients and encourage the body to find its own healing wisdom, to restore healthier functions. I can weave my different therapies together to create a unique treatment or work with a client to explore one modality more deeply. 


Many people come to me for reasons such as stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, chronic pain, musculoskeletal problems and much more. 


I am currently practicing from Totnes, Devon.

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