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Holistic Massage 

In 2016 I trained in a range of different styles in a unique learning environment where I got to practice almost every day for 5 months at a retreat center. I have continued to evolve my practice throughout the years through my other studies and love offering a space for people to just come and be and enjoy the healing power of touch. Each treatment is individual to the client and can range for deeper tissue work to more general relaxation. 


I engage with each client, assessing needs and including physical, mental and emotional factors. I then make an appropriate selection from a wide selection of possible techniques, customizing the treatment to meet those needs at that particular time. This process is creative, sometimes unexpected and does not follow standard routines. 


I really believe there are great benefit to receiving massage regularly, to reduce stress, relieve tension, improving circulation- therefore improving energy levels, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and lowering blood pressure.

How many sessions would you recommend? 


This will vary between each individual. For some people, a few sessions may resolve symptoms. For more chronic/deeply ingrained issues, a longer period of treatment is often advised.


1 hour £55

1.5 hours £80

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