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“Abbie's treatments invite a quality of deep grounding and stability within me. Her nurturing presence allows my body to rest in a profound way and I trust her touch and capacity to hold space completely”. 


“Abbie is an angel! The treatment from her was absolutely incredible! I felt so much physical and emotional healing come from it. She provided the most nurturing, nourishing space and I felt incredibly held by her and comfortable to fully relax and let go. I cannot recommend a treatment from her enough!”


“Abbie is a super intuitive therapist with a deep commitment to create harmony and healing.  Her kind and considerate nature always allows me to sink into the deepest relaxation, where I entirely trust Abbie to restore my body, mind and soul back to strength and balance.  Every treatment with Abbie has been so thorough that I have left feeling deeply cleansed and rejuvenated.

Thank You Abbie for your healing hands.”


“I had a thoroughly blissful treatment with Abbie, very gentle and nourishing and it allowed me to fully let go and enjoy the experience from a very still space which was soooo needed. The following days I felt wonderful, less aches and pains and much more centered. I was so impressed I booked another session. Thanks Abbie.”


“Abbie is a gentle soul with magic healing energy.  After my first session I could feel the amazing benefits, which helped to open doorways to deeper healing.  Abbie has helped me attain greater wellness in my life and better understanding of how energy runs through my being.

Whether you need a small adjustment or full body overhaul Abbie is your therapist.”

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