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Fascia informed bodywork

The fascia is one interconnected network of connective tissue that runs through the whole body, holding every organ, bone, nerve fibre, blood vessel and muscle in place. This tissue responds to our everyday experiences, everything from our embryological beginnings to our day-to-day stresses, anxieties, past injuries, overwhelm etc. Restrictions and bound up tissue are the result of stress on the body in any of its forms. This creates less function; mobility and energy flow in the body creating more tension, pain and stress. Because this system in incredibly connected a local restricted site may also refer to a completely different part of the body, creating misalignment/tension and pain, which can then have an effect on your wellbeing. 


Throughout the treatment I can help facilitate your body back to its natural balance and help create more space and energy flow to allow you to feel more at home in yourself. By creating a nourishing space for you to be and feel safe I work with each individuals needs and listen to the body. This is a hands on therapy which works on the skin without oil to allow my hands to be still on the body to tune into the fascia. When the body is held in a safe environment it allows the tissues to respond/unwind and release tension. The client may feel sensations such as heat, tingling, space, tension and sometimes emotion may present as the fascia holds memory as well as physical components. Many clients often feel a sense of release and relaxation as time goes on in the treatment as they allow themselves to drop into a deeply restful space. 

How many sessions would you recommend? 

This will vary between each individual. For some people, a few sessions may resolve symptoms. For more chronic/deeply ingrained issues, a longer period of treatment is often advised.


1 hour £55

1.5 hours £80

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